Amen Riley, sister!!!


Granted I’m early in my medical transition but even the early flush of visible and felt changes (maybe the progesterone is the key 🤔) I felt better. The changes I already feel are great and they only ever highlight the potential for the future.

But yeah that mood lift… I’ve been been on hormones long enough that it might be them, or it could, as you say, as easily be the psychology. I do know that I’ve been increasingly relaxing into myself and finding that THIS is not the struggle. Being Abbie isn’t the fight. Being ‘him’ was. And just giving up that herculean effort means I have more emotional energy. I have more to give, and still keep a little for myself even.

So yeah I’m glad to add another tale of happiness to yours.

Now if only I hadn’t waitiled until I was 48 to transition…

Much love, many hugs


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