Don’t you dare ever again!! You’re my sister and don’t ever want to see you used in any way, shape, or form.

You are, of course, absolutely right about how far too many men interpret common decency for a come-on. I even had this recently because of how polite I was in telling a guy who was hitting on me that I was a lesbian. He thought because I hadn’t point blank told him ‘Fuck off, I’m a dyke!’ that I must somehow be on the fence about my orientation and that I’d been polite to encourage him to make a pass.

He even said as much after I more forcefully declined and restated my attraction to other women.

“It’s the way you said it.” He explained. “You didn’t sound like the usual man-hating lesbian. Plus you don’t look like a dyke. In fact you sounded like you’d be open to being turned, if you know what I mean.”

Oh I knew what the fucker meant alright. 🤮 But he’d plucked this shit out of thin air purely cos I hadn’t dealt with him as he obviously deserved.

‘don’t look like a dyke’!!! What a complete and utter shit.

Be safe, Maddie.



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