Firstly, feminism isn’t just for women.

Secondly, I’ve yet to meet a trans woman who wasn’t a staunch feminist. We have a unique insight into what ails our societies in terms of a gendered imbalance. We’re invaluable footsoldiers because we know, so many of us, of the myriad ways in which men could be better. And we understand how men’s privilege blinds them.

We also know that being a man often isn’t as rosy as some women seem to think either.

Our unique perspective on gender is something I consider one of the few genuine privileges of being trans.

Thirdly, anyone who would gatekeep feminism isn’t feminist

That such gatekeeping is almost uniquely levelled at us trans women is telling in its prejudice.

Never be deterred. We’re proud and happy in our gender and in our part in the struggle to address equality for both genders. Allow yourself that. You’ve earned it.

Capricious by name, steadfast by nature. Trans femme dyke. Smutsmith. Provocateur. Poet. Idiot. Kicking names and taking ass.

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