Firstly, yes. I’m aware your article here is more than a year old. Thanks Medium recommendation algorithm. But I’ve read some of your other pieces and enjoyed them. This was has been my favourite so far, simply because you make the central point so cogently.

That is casting Redmayne the filmmakers were leaning into the all too common (still) belief that trans women are men. Sigh. And by extension all trans people are not who they say they are. Meaning that, ridiculously, lovely trans dudes like yourself are parsed as confused and easily led lesbians. Fucking broken wrists from all the face-palming.

Trans women are women.

Redmayne might be a good actor but it’s beside the point to the audience. They see a man in panties.

Trans men are men.

Johanssen and Swank are both fine. But they’re not MEN. It’s painfully simple. Yet Boys Don’t Cry goes to some hateful lengths to say ‘look at these genitals. This is how you tell.’ ffs

Non - binary people are valid.

Our poor enby siblings. Dear lord. Ruby Rose is no lightweight. Will even she ever land a sympathetic NB role? We can only hope.

Anyhoo, yeah I loved the piece. And I’m enjoying your work generally. Please. Do keep it up.

Your big trans sister,


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