Great piece. Just erm… it’s not ‘transgendered’. It’s just ‘transgender’. An adjective rather than an adverb.

I don’t point this out to be pedantic but rather because transphobes tend to use such dog whistle semantic tricks to delegitimise trans women like myself (they tend to largely ignore trans men as being confused lesbians, despite the fact that 70% are attracted to men. As for non-binary people, the transphobes have less than zero to say).

Transwoman’ is another favourite because it denotes something other than ‘woman’. Whereas ‘trans woman’ tells you I’m a woman, I just happen to be a woman whose gender is different to that which was assigned at birth.

Thank you for the tone of your article. It’s reassuring that there are good people like yourself in a world that is hostile to my very existence.

Much love, many hugs