I'm not sure 'peace' is afforded us right now. Here in the UK, we're hearing the trials of those who killed 16 year old Brianna Ghey, by pupils of a school whose transphobic bullying was so bad that another trans pupil tried to kill themself. At school. And the father of another pupil, a cis pupil, warned the local MP that the school needed sorting out before a pupil died. That was a full year before Brianna's murder.

It's possible that there's never been greater persecution of trans people specifically than there is right now.

Yet, that said, there is a profundity, that could described as 'peace', to living as one's true self. Especially after decades of trying, near fatally so, to be someone we're not.

I hope you're able to find that peace.

Much love, many hugs,



Mrs. Capricious

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