I'm trying to square this with your other piece on why men balk at dating trans women.

I'm a trangender lesbian. And as a matter of fact this puts me in the majority of trans women, some 70% of us. Only 15% identify as straight, that is androphilic. With the remainder being bisexual, asexual or some other unspecified brand of queer.

70% lesbian. That's a ridiculously high proportion but it makes sense when you consider the possible causes of being trans. Current thinking has it that environmental factors in utero cause later neurological development, specifically one's sense of gender, to be affected. But by that later stage in gestation our genitals and other physiological characteristics have already formed as male. Since our sexuality seems to develop at a different point to our gender identity it makes sense that our sexuality would follow most biological males and so we're attracted to women. When our later neurological development causes us to view ourselves as women, how could we not be lesbian?

I am NOT an autogynephile. I am not attracted to myself as a woman. I'm attracted to other women.

I believe, given some of your other articles, that you realise the difference here. I certainly hope you do. But it's not clear in this piece that you're very specifically talking about men whose fetish is looking like a woman. In fact it sounds suspiciously like you've taken Ray Blanchard's nonsense to heart. And yet, given the content of your piece on dating trans women you make valid points. But you don't stop to consider or address the women who might be attracted to us trans women.

I'm a woman who is attracted to other women. I've known I was a lesbian since my sexual awakening at ten/eleven. That was profoundly confusing when the whole world was yelling at me that I was a 'boy'. Yet here I am, at the age of fifty, a trans woman who loves other women.

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