You can’t even correctly name the study’s author. Jeez.

Three quarters of her cohort were taken from sites that catered to parents who already considered ‘social contagion’ a factor. 🤦‍♀️

‘Trans ideology’ is a dog whistle and a chimera. It’s you who’s revealing much about their ideological presuppositional biases.

Littman’s ‘study’ has been widely dismissed in peer review. PLOS One reviewed, amended, corrected, and contextualised the ‘findings’ into a nothing.

By Littman’s own admission ROGD is not a mental health diagnosis.

At best her ‘study is a vox pops taken from a self-selected cohort with a bias in favour of the author’s presupposed conclusion (the study was named ROGD from the get-go and Littman specifically sought confirmation of social contagion as a factor. That’s the very definition of unscientific)

Further, other studies acknowledging an increase in young people seeking referral for GD have not been able to agree a cause for the increase.

Here’s one. Greater awareness. And the attendant expectation of greater acceptance (which clearly is a joke, as long as people like you are suffered to exist). Transgender people existed when I was young. I KNOW because I was one of them. I didn’t come out until I was 48.

Nice try.

So good of you cis folk to try to explain our lived experience to us without ever asking us. Patronising chimp. Take Lisa with you when you leave.

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