Look at all those claps from men…

I’m a trans woman (over ‘she-male’ and ‘trannie’ if you don’t mind, Mr. Mersey). So I have a little perspective on what it’s like to live as both a ‘man’ and a woman.

Honestly… Is this it? A joke devoid of a punchline?

Do men get objectified? Sure. They get raped? Ofc. They get treated like crap in other spheres? Yep. Is it hard being a man? From a man’s perspective it isn’t a picnic, no.

But if you people think that equates to anything approaching the difficulties of being a woman in our societies you are brain dead.

Take it from someone who KNOWS both sides the downsides you’re bitching about are WAY more than compensated for by the open doors you men glide through.

Shut up, take the win, and try to make things better for your mothers, girlfriends, wives, sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, coworkers, friends.

Capricious by name, steadfast by nature. Trans femme dyke. Smutsmith. Provocateur. Witch. Poet. Slut. Idiot. Kicking names and taking ass.