Not a bad piece, Sage.

I couldn't agree more with your points about sports. Indeed I've made the point about the likes of basketball myself many times before.

There are a couple of things I take a little issue with however. As a trans woman I don't feel safe at night either. Those of us on cross-sex hormone regimes lose a hell of a lot of muscle mass. I'm weak as kitten frankly. I get hit on enough to suggest enough men would be happy to consider me a target. And one they find I'm trans things are likely to get much more violent.

I've been sexually assaulted more than once, and one perpetrator was a cisgender woman. So it's not just men, sadly. Never by a trans person, male, female, or non-binary. Honestly there's far too few of us to pose a statistically likely threat, either of violence or in sports.

But, these things aside, still a good piece. Thank you.

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