Oh lordy. You wanna talk moral equivalence?? How about you tell me how many people have lost their jobs for just ‘discussing the issue’. There’s no ‘issue’ BTW. My existence is not for debate. Nor are my rights. Nor are women’s rights. Bear in mind I am a woman when you talk about trans and women’s right being mutually exclusive (they’re not).

You wanna talk Maya Forstater? She lost her job not for ‘stating biological facts’ but for making her entire working environment toxic, in contravention of her employers rules. She got fired. Tough shit.

Now let’s talk about all the trans people killed every year, simply because they’re trans. Especially trans women of colour. Because let’s face it they’re bigot bingo aren’t they? A good ol’ boy can get him some racism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia all in one neat target.

So don’t talk to me about bigots losing their jobs when they break the civil and social contracts and their own employment contracts with their bullshit.

And your crap about hordes of girls being ‘transed’ ffs grow up. Would you like me to tell you the hoops I’ve had to jump through to access medical transition. Yet to hear you say it there’s a conveyor belt scooting young girls under the knife. No such exists. Show me where minors a few accessing mastectomy. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

What about cross sex hormone regimes? Go ahead, have a look how often those are prescribed tk minors.

Social transition and puberty blockers (which are reversible unlike the effects of the ‘wrong’ puberty. Trust me, my deep voice, is bad enough. My shoulders are worse.) are the treatments for minors. And even then that’s when the child is DIAGNOSED with Gender Dysphoria. A condition which affects 1 in 30,000. So much for your hordes.

Are there people who detransition? Yes. And they should be supported every step of the way. But they are a tiny subset of those who medially transition. Some even retransition. I’m not gonna judge them.

I’ll tell you something else. Trans people are some of the staunchest feminists around. For binary trans folk like me, who lived as one then the other gender, we’ve seen both sides. I’m aware of the ways gender can impact us in ways you can see. Cis privilege blinds you. We all, trans men, trans women, Non-binary folk, know patriarchy is the issue.

Trans men bring a sensitivity and understanding of the plight of women that cis men often lack.

Trans women bring a feistiness to the feminist fight because we KNOW men can do better. We fight hard because we know its doable.

And the Non-binary folk look on, shaking their heads. Lol.

Do presume to tell me how peachy my life was because of male privilege. How do think it felt being the only girl in a boys school of 1500? How do you think it felt being forced into behaviours that were alien and unnatural to me? You think it was easy pretending to be a man for 48 years?

How dare you. This is how little you understand. You say ‘debate the issue’ until the words become meaningless. You sure as shit don’t ask how being trans in YOUR cisgender society really is. Lemme tell you, it can fucking suck. And yet we still transition. We’ve always been here. We always will be. We transition, we adopt the dress, the customs, the roles of a particular gender because it’s right for us. No other reason. Ask anyone who knew me pre transition. They all prefer me over ‘him’.

But you? You’d prefer I didn’t become a better version of myself, that I confined myself to a box so ill-fitting it was going to kill me. You’d prefer that young trans men were forced to live lives made infinitely less bearable by having periods and breasts that our society draws attention to. They’re men for Christ’s sake. They want none of that.

Believe it or not our clinicians are pretty damn good are sorting out the trans men from the butch lesbians, the trans women from the effeminate gay guys. On which note… My (cisgender) girlfriend was shocked to discover that pre-transition I was a manly man. No hint of being effeminate. I was never into men. So where does that leave your theory about compulsory transing of young butch lesbians. You do know there are gay trans men right? Not to mention trans lesbians like me. I’m not usurping anyone. I’m not forcing or coercing anyone into anything. It’s me who’s been the victim of transphobia. Not the people supposedly threatened into silence by the all-powerful ‘trans lobby’. What a chimera. My wife, my girlfriend, they take me as they find me. Some people just aren’t as narrow-minded as you, I’m afraid.

Have a missed any of your nonsense ‘points’? I want to be comprehensive because your ‘arguments’ are mist. Meanwhile real erosion of trans rights and protections on both sides of the Atlantic are very real, very present concerns. Largely thanks to those you claim have been ‘silenced’ or threatened into saying nothing.

I’ll tell you what the all-powerful trans lobby is doing a crap job of protecting trans people. Gods why am I attempting irony?!

Trans people’s concerns are real. They’re tangible.

Transphobes’ concerns are illusory, what if’s based on fear and ignorance.

And please don’t talk of respect and then continue attacking a minority. You even when as far as ‘I don’t have a problem with trans people BUT…’


Capricious by name, steadfast by nature. Trans femme dyke. Smutsmith. Provocateur. Witch. Poet. Slut. Idiot. Kicking names and taking ass.

Capricious by name, steadfast by nature. Trans femme dyke. Smutsmith. Provocateur. Witch. Poet. Slut. Idiot. Kicking names and taking ass.