OK. It’d be easy for me to respond with derision here. After all I already advised my readers where and how to take care. I advised of the increased risk of UTIs and potentially other infections.

I did all that.

But you call on two Internet sources (please do cite them. I’d love that) who don’t contradict my advice but reinforce it. Albeit (according solely to your word, lacking those citations) in alarmist terms, ‘dangerous’.

Wanna know what else is ‘dangerous’? Every other human sex act ever. I’m tempted to list some of the common dangers that result from the most common, vanilla, run of the mill sex acts. But what would be the point.

You haven’t commented to point out the risks of urethral sounding. I already did that in my advice to the person who asked me the question. You instead seek to claim some authority you have no basis for and to judge others for practices you had to a facile amount of net research about before feeling sufficiently lofty to pass judgement.

Sooooo… (yawn) why do it? Why stick etc etc into our urethra? Same as we do into our vaginas and up our butts. Sake as why you guys will stick your dicks into anything roughly round. There’s no deficiency of sensation required before humans of both genders experiment.

Additionally as mentioned elsewhere in the comments here there are those honest men who were circumcised and recognised it has cost them some external sensitivity. And thus, internal stimulation, via urethral stimulation, becomes a pleasurable adjunct.

‘worms’ though… what the actual fuck have you been reading?! You do realise that with that alone you just sound like a fucking nutter.

And why you thought to put ‘brain’ inverted commas just makes you look even more silly.

Look, in my other work, I’d have cut you in two, but here I’m seeking to genuinely aid people. So I won’t respond quite as your comment maybe deserves.

People don’t deserve your facile and juvenile judgement. You don’t like what others do, sexually, cool. But do jog the fuck in before judging people.

Especially when you have to look up what the fuck you’re criticising.

As for your last paragraph… I think you’ll find I beat you to that advice. And I actually know the shit I’m talking about.

Do feel free to chime in with more heavyweight commentary. I’ll let you know when you’ve schooled me. Til then…

Fuck hard. Fuck plenty. Fuck safely.
Yeah. Even you. 💋

Capricious by name, steadfast by nature. Trans femme dyke. Smutsmith. Provocateur. Witch. Poet. Slut. Idiot. Kicking names and taking ass.

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