Ooh what a place to leave it.

Trust me the trans community doesn’t want her on our team. If she ever came out as a trans man (and its never too late. I was 48 before I came out) she’ll transition devoid of friends. Wait who am I kidding? The trans community are THE most welcoming folk around. Because we we get crapped on so badly. So despite the pain she’s inflicted we’d likely still open our arms.

She certainly wouldn’t be the first ‘gender critical feminist’ (feminists who hurt women SMFH) to be using her own insecurities to fuel her vitriol, particularly at trans women like myself.

I honestly think that some of what stops a lot of us hitting back (yes I know some do. I cannot, will not, condone their words or actions) is our inability due to laughter at the absurdity of the accusations. Most trans women using the ladies restroom want to pee and get out with as little fuss as possible. And those of us who are in the process of medical transition know that crimes like rape are physically beyond us just a short while into HRT, much less after bottom surgery. Laughable.

And yet no-one’s laughing. Because we know that JKR has a following of 15 million on twitter. That’s a LOT of folx who are ill-informed about trans people who think she’s imparting some wisdom. She’s not. She hatefully under-provised with knowledge of the subject that’s she’s chosen to make her hill to die on.

So, Rowling can walk west til her hat floats frankly.


Thanks for a thoughtful article. Sorry for the rant.

Much love, many hugs


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