So this.

I’m a 50 year old trans woman who’d always identified as lesbian. But open-minded fool I am I accepted a date invitation from a man who listed so many of the things you have here.

He seemed nice. What the hell.

He stood me up. My first date with man and he stood me up. Didn’t say a word until four hours after the time he was supposed to meet me.

I was angry at all the time and effort I’d put in to not be worth 90 secs to text that he’d have to postpone.

Crazily I was open to trying again but I made sure he knew I considered it was a dick move.

And that, of course, was the last I heard from the man who wanted ‘smart, funny, articulate, attentive, sexy, passionate and drama free’.

Fragile lil bitch.

Him. Not me. 😁

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