Thanks for this, Meghan. We need more people to understand these things. Especially the point you made about how Roman interacted with you. Exactly how you'd expect with any other man. Sometimes people hear my deeper voice or there's some other clue that tells them I'm trans and from that they think of me as a man. But anyone who has any meaningful interaction with me usually feel very certainly that they've been relating to a woman, not a man. And indeed, all my life, pre-transition, I had people telling me 'you're not like other boys/men'. Well duh.
I've never related to men at all well. And trying to be one was a constant effort. Even after 48 years I still never found it natural. It felt like I constantly had to consult a rulebook to figure out how a man would act in any given situation.
Upon transition I threw that rulebook away and got on being myself and surprise surprise, how I am naturally is what most people would say is pretty feminine. Not effeminate, like some gay men. But what our society expects of women.
And it's the same with sex. Before, playing the role of the 'man', I always had to be on top, in control. I couldn't let myself be receptive or submissive or sensual. I was always thinking about the next thing I was going to do. The next position. It was like directing a play.
Now, I make love completely differently. That's not to say all women make love in a certain way. But my way is a lot more sensual and languid now than it was. More emotional. More connected. And not nearly so goal-oriented. Not cumming doesn't bother me as much. Oh and after long enough on hormones your orgasms change so we even cum like women. The penis is basically a big clit by that point. And indeed the glans will be used for that organ when I have surgery (yes I'm intending to do so. And I'm lucky enough to live in the UK so the NHS will cover it).
There is so much ignorance about trans people. Largely because there are few of us. And there are plenty of people who hate us or know nothing of us who have mega platforms from which to spout wrong headed nonsense. J K Rowling, I'm looking at you.

Thanks to those bigots it's fraught for trans folk, especially trans women, to talk about their sexuality because we get called perverted men. And worse, rapists and pedophiles. It's hideous and malicious and it gets trans people hurt and killed.

So thanks again, Meghan, for helping to dispel some of the myths.

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