There are a huge number of points that I could address in your piece. This quote, however… This rather cuts to the heart of the problem.

I’m a trans woman. As such I have fewer rights than you as a cis woman. Don’t believe me? Do you need your husband’s permission to be legally recognised as female? No? I do. Did you have to submit lengthy medical evidence to an anonymous panel who would then judge whether your birth certificate said ‘male’ or ‘female’? No? Guess what…

And don’t get me started on where I can pee. Jeezus.

You will not hear me ever argue that there is a ‘league table of rights’. My rights as a human being do not curtail your own. Nor those of any cis woman.

However, parity… Yeah that would be nice. Just simple parity.

It’s those who resist trans rights who insist there is a league table and somehow (??!!) allowing trans rights abridged women’s rights. And that is simply nonsense. Just a brief read of the Equality Act 2010 shows that to be a nonsense.

Yet despite all the rhetoric from terfs the base fact is that trans people like myself do not enjoy the same basic rights as cis people like yourself.

That’s it right there.

And if you’re OK with me having fewer rights than you, what does that say?

We should ALL be treated as ‘human’. Sadly this does not yet apply to trans folx.

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