You may not wish to imply trans people are awful yet that’s exactly what you do. And you don’t even give yourself the wriggle room of having specified ‘ALL trans people’…

You don’t ‘react to an awful ideology’, you overreact, you react disproportionately. And you react to something that is not an ideology any more than the civil rights movement of the 60s - any ideological underpinnings exist purely in support of the demand for equality under the law. Not the other way round.

My existence is not a matter of ideology, it is a matter of fact. My equal legal status should be a matter of fact also. It is not.

Using the word ‘extreme’ also seems a little rich when you wrote a 77 minute article attacking an ‘ideology’ that is demonstrably no threat to you, nor to western civilisation. Lol. One wonders again at the level of interest, nay obsession. Your feed on this platform is entirely dominated with the subject. More so, even, than mine

“I don’t wish to imply trans people are awful… They just pursue an awful and extreme and sexist and DANGEROUSLY Idiotic ideology…” Right. Gotcha.

And then there’s the bullshit you cite. You claim transgender lesbians are saying “trans women can be lesbians who have female penises, and true lesbians who reject these 'lesbians' just because they have a penis are transphobic”. I’ll correct you on this, because, unlike you, I am both transgender, and a lesbian. Yes trans women can be lesbians (I’m not sure why this would be surprising, nor why it would be any concern of yours). And no, we’re not ‘lesbians’, we’re lesbians. Those inverted commas seek to cast doubt on the veracity of the claims I make about myself. Those inverted commas are therefore transphobic. Trust me, both my wife and my girlfriend would disabuse you of the notion that I’m anything other than a lesbian. Furthermore I make no suggestion that a lesbian rejecting me because of my penis is transphobic. However, there are lesbians who will reject trans women, even after SRS, on the basis they are trans. This IS transphobic. In exactly the same would it would be anti semitic to drop a potential lover after discovering her mother was a jew.

I know of plenty of trans women who object to this as being transphobic. I know of none who are trying to suggest genital preferences themselves are transphobic. And I’m confident suggesting I’ve spoken to a hell of lot more trans lesbians than you are likely to have.

Then there’s your next claim: that trans people say “dangerously idiotic things like "transwomen (sic. It’s two words, adjective and noun.) who have been convicted of crimes like rape and child molesting are women and should therefore be incarcerated in a women’s prison."”

It’s not dangerously idiotic it’s self-evident. Trans women, regardless of whatever crime they may have committed, are women and should be incarcerated in a women’s prison. To argue otherwise is transphobic because clearly your belief is that trans women are not women but men. On what basis should they be incarcerated elsewhere? If your argument is that these women are a danger to women and should be incarcerated with the men what do you propose to do with the cisgender women who are a danger to women? Your insistence on making any kind of de facto link between trans women, child molesters, and rapists is transphobic, yes. It is the most hateful, most egregious slander.

It ignores the very simple fact that trans women are disproportionately likely to be the victims of sexual violence. It also ignores the very simple fact that for many trans women, myself included, we are not physically capable of rape. Cross sex hormones regimes such as mine amount to chemical castration, typically within three months.

Given that trans women make up roughly 0.5% of the general population that would mean that any inmate in a women’s prison is 200 times as likely to be attacked by a cis woman as by a trans woman in prison.

It’s surely ‘dangerously idiotic’ to suggest cis women be locked up with other cis women. Or are you going to be as absurdly sexist as to suggest that cis women are incapable of violence?!

Never mind me gaslighting you, you’ve managed to gaslight yourself into believing that cis women are not dangerous.

But then there’s your parting shot:

“… do please refer the people you are going to snitch on me to, to my texts where they can see for themselves that this is in fact NOT NOT NOT what I saying or in any way implying.”

This is insane. Almost funny but not quite.

That’s some overweening sense of your own importance there. That I’d snitch (jeezus!)… to TRANSGENDER HQ presumably. You have the gall to decry American credulity yet display all the critical facility of a QAnon junkie. There is no cabal, no ‘transgender agenda’ (unless being treated as something other than second class citizens counts as so radical a notion). We do not have our hands on the levers of power. Trust me on that. If we did I wouldn’t have to wait more than three years for a first consultation at a gender identity clinic.

Yet you seem of the belief that there is a well-oiled reporting mechanism that will allow me to notify all the other trans people of who you are, what you’ve say (after I’ve distorted it ofc), and how and where they can contact you to issue threats of violence. What an absolute joke.

Firstly that you think that you can paint yourself, quite pre-emptively, as some manner of victim is well, hang on, someone else put it better than I could.

Ahem… “close to the lowest of the low on the scale of victim ranking, white, privileged, middle to upper working class, heterosexual male…”. Hoist by one’s own petard.

Besides which if the trans rights ‘ideology’ was a fraction as efficient as you and other transphobes fantasise or if we had the numbers it’s always claimed (see also the gov’t’s claim that the open consultation into GRA reform was ‘hijacked’ by trans activism. Funny given that Women’s Place UK had a single click form filler.) we would, by now, actually have the same rights as cisgender people. And maybe even decent access to transitional healthcare.

And lastly, the threats of violence…

“… this is in fact NOT NOT NOT what I saying or in any way implying.” Oh but it very much is. And, not only are you transphobic in the process, you’re also sexist. You follow other transphobes’ leads by declining to offer any comment on trans men. Especially as there was a perfect opportunity to rope them into the discussion over lesbians and their preferences.

But then let’s face it you know so very very little of which you’re attempting to speak with your empty-handed ramblings.

You also offer no solutions. You call more than once that ‘both sides’ should be heard. No. In just the same way that it was right to reject the rights of racists to be heard during the civil rights movement, or for homophobes to have their points of view considered, when it came to gay rights so too it is fine to ignore the bigotry of transphobes.

Women’s rights need not be abridged in our quest for trans rights. Ask yourself why I would want to see women’s rights abrogated when I’m a woman myself. As a survivor of sexual assault myself I have a vested interest in seeing both trans people and women protected.

Why is it so hard to understand that for people like me there is no dichotomy because we are both transgender AND women?!

Do explain to me, DIRECTLY, how I’m a threat to anyone?! This is a sincere challenge.

Capricious by name, steadfast by nature. Trans femme dyke. Smutsmith. Provocateur. Witch. Poet. Slut. Idiot. Kicking names and taking ass.

Capricious by name, steadfast by nature. Trans femme dyke. Smutsmith. Provocateur. Witch. Poet. Slut. Idiot. Kicking names and taking ass.