Your invocation of hypergamy is very telling, given the fora where the term is used with any prevalence.

But using hypergamy as proof of women objectifying men is chimeric and frankly pitiful. Hypergamy, in so far as it exists at all, is more proof of the structural inequalities that dog women the world over. That shackling yourself to a man being the most viable way to advance is life is deplorable. But it proves my point. Not yours.

Your contention is also a logical fallacy. You use hypergamy to accuse women of hypocrisy in objectification. But it simply does not follow logical that hypergamy is mutually exclusive with genuine attraction. It proves no level of cynicism in women.

Penis size. OMFG. You know who’s more obsessed with that? Men. I’m trans. Unlike you I know what both sides of the binary gender divide are like. I have insight you could never attain.

Oppression Olympics. Meh. Whatever. I know how things can be bad for men. Been there. Done that. What YOU haven’t done is lived as a woman. So take it from me… as bad as you thing being a man can be, being a woman is a far more disadvantaged position in most societies. I will brook no argument in this. The figures speak for themselves as do the lived experiences of women like me. I KNOW man have it better, despite the hardships you genuinely endure.

And then there’s your pithy anti-feminist sign-off. Lol. Buzzwords huh? I refer back to hypergamy and Oppression Olympics. Do shut up. I say men are fragile not cos it’s a trendy misandrist position but because men are fragile. There’s a reason you kill yourselves three times as often as us women. And ego, yes. Because you never undertake the emotional labour yourselves. You’re always looking for a woman to do it for you. I wouldn’t normally generalise so stridently but I’ll make an exception for some as comfortable with generalisations about women as you are.

Tell me this isn’t a robust retort to your sub-intellectualism. You’re the one who makes no substantive point and falls back on ad hominem attacks on me.

For my part I’d much sooner be a ‘high five feminist’ (since feminism campaigns for equality, not women’s rights) than an MRA or MGTOW (hypergamy. Lol. Feel free to call me a Stacy next time.)

Yours, expecting little.


Capricious by name, steadfast by nature. Trans femme dyke. Smutsmith. Provocateur. Witch. Poet. Slut. Idiot. Kicking names and taking ass.

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