You’re an idiot.

I spent 48 years trying to be a ‘man’. I gave up that fight because I came, reluctantly, to realise I wasn’t one. Why ‘reluctantly’? Because idiots like you and the worldview you espouse caused me decades of misery and I knew that it would only get even worse when I came out. And here you are to oblige me with facile observations so far outside any useful frame of reference as to be in the next galaxy.

The idea that Caitlin Jennet transitioned because of jealousy directed towards the women in her life is transphobic, sure it is. But it’s also woefully uninformed. And plainly hateful. Having, myself, some frame of reference for Jenner’s anguish I feel confident in decrying your clownishly facile pronouncements.

You are so far beyond your sphere of experience as to look insane in even trying to join the conversation. Much less trying to dictate and ‘correct’. SMFH.

Capricious by name, steadfast by nature. Trans femme dyke. Smutsmith. Provocateur. Witch. Poet. Slut. Idiot. Kicking names and taking ass.

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